The surprising connections in science and technology that give you the Big Picture. Astronomer Seth Shostak and science journalist Molly Bentley are joined each week by leading researchers, techies, and journalists to provide a smart and humorous take on science. Our regular "Skeptic Check" episodes cast a critical eye on pseudoscience.


Title Date published
Alien Invasion 2011-06-20
Physics Phrontiers 2011-05-16
Thanks for the Memories 2011-05-09
Skeptic Check: Mayhem and Octoberhem 2011-05-02
Big, Really Big 2011-04-18
Skeptic Check: Swimming in Denial 2011-04-11
Sex and the SETI 2011-04-04
Who's on First? 2011-03-14
Eureka! 2011-03-07
Skeptic Check: Diluted Thinking 2011-02-27
Outta This World 2011-02-12
Skeptic Check: ESP or Think Again 2011-01-30
Gone Missing! 2011-01-22
You've Got Sol! 2011-01-20
That's So Random! 2011-01-15
Do Computers Byte? 2011-01-15
Seth's Storage Locker 2010-12-27
Skeptic Check: Cell Phone Danger 2010-12-20
Method to Our Mathness 2010-12-13
Early Adapters 2010-12-06

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