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Title Date published
Plan of a Hack 2018-09-03
Too Big To Prove 2018-08-20
Skeptic Check: Brain Gain 2018-08-06
It's In Material 2018-07-30
On Thin Ice 2018-07-16
What Goes Around 2018-07-09
Frogs' Pants 2018-07-02
Perpetual Emotion Machine 2018-06-18
Skeptic Check: Flat Earth 2018-06-11
Imagining Planets 2018-06-04
Time on Your Side 2018-05-28
Your Brain's Reins 2018-05-21
What Have You Got To Move 2018-04-30
Brain Dust 2018-04-09
Skeptic Check: Your Inner Lab Coat 2018-03-26
Shell on Earth 2018-03-12
Quantum: Why We Want 'Em 2018-02-19
Skeptic Check: New UFO Evidence 2018-01-29
DIY Spaceflight 2018-01-22
Geology is Destiny 2018-01-15

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