The surprising connections in science and technology that give you the Big Picture. Astronomer Seth Shostak and science journalist Molly Bentley are joined each week by leading researchers, techies, and journalists to provide a smart and humorous take on science. Our regular "Skeptic Check" episodes cast a critical eye on pseudoscience.


Title Date published
Are Animals Really That Smart? 2018-01-08
Weather Vain 2018-01-01
DIY Diagnosis 2017-12-25
With All Our Mites 2017-12-11
Time Travel Agents 2017-11-27
Skeptic Check: Nibiru! (Again!) 2017-11-13
Venom Diagram 2017-10-30
Sex Post Facto 2017-10-23
On Defense 2017-10-09
Skeptic Check: Aliens - The Evidence 2017-09-25
Born Legacy 2017-09-04
Elements Never Forget 2017-08-28
Musical Universe 2017-08-21
Skeptic Check: Busting Myths with Adam Savage 2017-08-07
Caught in a Traps 2017-07-31
Eclipsing All Other Shows 2017-07-17
Skeptic Check: How Low Can You Go? 2017-06-26
Science Fiction 2017-06-12
Gene-y in a Bottle 2017-06-05
The Crater Good 2017-05-29

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