Professional swing dance instructors Nina Gilkenson and Bobby White are going to teach you how to swing! In these videos, you'll learn the basics of swing dance called East Coast Swing; take it up a notch with the Charleston; and if you're really swingin' after that, you can learn the most advanced swing dance, the Lindy Hop. So pay attention to their feet! For more on Swing music and dancing, visit


Title Date published
HD: Lesson 3: The Lindy Hop (in High Definition) 2011-11-21
Lesson 3: The Lindy Hop (in Standard Definition) 2011-11-21
HD: Lesson 2: The Charleston (in High Definition) 2011-11-18
Lesson 2: The Charleston (in Standard Definition) 2011-11-18
HD: Lesson 1: East Coast Swing (in High Definition) 2011-11-16
Lesson 1: East Coast Swing (in Standard Definition) 2011-11-16

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