Join Thomas for some critical thinking on questions of science, philosophy, skepticism and politics. These serious topics are discussed with some serious guests, but in an entertaining and engaging way! This is not your typical interview podcast; it’s a friendly dialogue, conducted thoughtfully and with plenty of humor. It's Serious Inquiries Only; but like, not boring or anything.


Title Date published
SIO86: Emotion is Critical to Reasoning 2017-10-19
SIO85: PZ Myers 2017-10-16
SIO84: Interview with Jessica Xiao; Sargon's Persecution Complex 2017-10-12
SIO83: Dr. Kristi Winters 2017-10-09
SIO82: The Mythinformation Shitshow 2017-10-05
SIO81: David Tamayo of Hispanic American Freethinkers 2017-10-02
SIO80: The Red Pill: Debunking the MRAs, Part 1 2017-09-28
SIO79: James Damore, Author of the Google Memo 2017-09-25
SIO78: More of Trump's Participation Trophies! 2017-09-21
SIO77: Stephanie Zvan on Anti-Harassment Policies and More 2017-09-18
SIO76: Debunking Scott Adams on Trump 2017-09-14
SIO75: Dr. Roberta Chevrette on Feminism and Gender Studies 2017-09-11
SIO74: Interview with a Dreamer on #DACA 2017-09-07
SIO73: FGM in the UK, with Chantelle 2017-09-04
SIO72: But Didn’t Obama Pardon Terrorists? 2017-08-31
SIO71: That Whole Google Memo Thing with Felicia Entwistle 2017-08-28
SIO70: WTF Sam Harris 2017-08-24
SIO69: Malaysian Officials Want To Hunt Down Atheists 2017-08-21
SIO68: On Many Sides in Charlottesville and the ACLU with Charone Frankel 2017-08-17
SIO67: Andrew Torrez on The Crime Bill and Broken Window Theory 2017-08-14

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