Join Thomas for some critical thinking on questions of science, philosophy, skepticism and politics. These serious topics are discussed with some serious guests, but in an entertaining and engaging way! This is not your typical interview podcast; it’s a friendly dialogue, conducted thoughtfully and with plenty of humor. It's Serious Inquiries Only; but like, not boring or anything.


Title Date published
SIO129: Atheists (and Lawyers..) In Foxholes 2018-03-19
SIO128: Every Vote Matters!!! and Listener Voicemail 2018-03-15
SIO127: Rise of the Nones! with Kristi Winters 2018-03-12
SIO126: Lawrence Krauss Responds To Allegations 2018-03-08
SIO125: Are We Headed for Another Depression? with Dr. Robert S. McElvaine 2018-03-05
SIO124: Lawrence Krauss Accused of Sexual Misconduct; Interview with Monette Richards 2018-03-01
SIO123: David Silverman of American Atheists 2018-02-26
SIO122: Yes, I Want To Take Away Your Guns 2018-02-22
SIO121: Ian Danskin of Innuendo Studios 2018-02-19
SIO120: Philosophers In Space with Aaron Rabi 2018-02-15
SIO119: Getting Satanic with Jex Blackmore 2018-02-12
SIO118: Intercontinental Culture Wars, with Michael Marshall 2018-02-08
SIO117: Jaclyn Friedman on Yes Means Yes, Feminism, and Sexual Liberation 2018-02-05
SIO116: What Is Jordan Peterson Saying? with Aaron Rabi 2018-02-01
SIO115: What Happens When We Accidentally Decriminalize Prostitution? 2018-01-29
SIO114: Getting on the Same Page #metoo 2018-01-25
SIO113: Panel Discussion on Aziz Ansari 2018-01-22
SIO112: Fat-Shaming Trump or Hypocrisy-Shaming? plus Listener Voicemails! 2018-01-18
SIO111: Andrew Breaks Down the James Damore Google Lawsuit! 2018-01-15
SIO110: No, Steven Pinker Isn't Alt-Right (but he's still wrong...) 2018-01-11

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