Join us each week for a conversation with insightful and entertaining guests. From gear and technique to history, science and art, we discuss the topics most important to the contemporary photographer.


Title Date published
Get Serious with Chris Buck 2018-02-22
3D Virtual Reality and the Vuze Camera 2018-02-15
Murray Fredericks--Reflect the Divine 2018-02-08
Embracing Technology in the "New" Landscape Photography 2018-02-02
The Joys and Challenges of Super-Telephoto Lenses 2018-01-25
Norman Reedus--Art Is as Art Does 2018-01-19
Latest from Canon and the 5D Mark IV Sweepstakes 2018-01-11
Cig Harvey — Think, See, Make, Listen 2018-01-04
The Year-End Schmooze: Favorite B&H Podcast Episodes from 2017 2017-12-28
Food Photography and "Eating Delancey" 2017-12-21
Celebrity News Photography 2017-12-14
Are Point-and-Shoot Cameras Still a Thing? 2017-12-07
Industry Trends for 2018 and Episode 6 of "Dispatch" 2017-11-30
The 2017 Cameras of the Year and Best Sellers 2017-11-16
A History of Hip-Hop Photography 2017-11-09
A Walk through PhotoPlus Expo 2017 2017-11-02
Bird Photography 2017-10-26
The Markers of Our Bliss—Lynn Goldsmith, KISS, and Rock ’n’ Roll Photography 2017-10-19
The Passionate Photographer and Episode 5 of "Dispatch" 2017-10-04
"Learn Travel Photography, Best" 2017-09-28

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