A Podcast about BIM and Revit technology and techniques.


Title Date published
BIMThoughts Hardware Introducing Buck 2018-07-02
E99 Revit 19 with the Aubin 2018-04-16
E98 Mt Vernon with Robert Fink 2018-03-13
E97 Generative Design with Zig from Aditazz 2018-02-27
E96 Project Discover 2018-01-21
E95 Joe Banks talks, talks and technology 2017-11-20
E94_Structural_Engineering_and_BIM 2017-11-08
E93 Landscape Architecture 2017-10-30
E92 Project Performance with Ryan Cameron 2017-09-11
E91 Exploring Model Health 2017-09-05
E90 BiLTna 2017 Recap 2017-08-27
E89 Capturing Reality with Kelly Cone 2017-08-18
E88 IdeateApps Update 2017-08-08
E87 Lessons from Interiors with Elaine Lee 2017-07-31
E86 Training Initiatives with Chad Speas 2017-07-26
E85 BiLT and Trends with Carl Storms 2017-07-04
E84 Helix with Bill and Mark 2017-06-20
E83 Inspiring Design with Glenn Carels 2017-06-14
E82 Insight with Aaron Vorwerk 2017-06-06
E81 Dasher360 Kean Walmsley 2017-05-29

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