Citations Needed is a podcast about the intersection of media, PR, and power, hosted by Nima Shirazi and Adam Johnson.


Title Date published
Episode 98: The Refined Sociopathy of The Economist 2020-01-22
Episode 97: Porch Pirate Panic and the Paranoid Racism of Snitch Apps 2020-01-15
Episode 96: The Christian Cinema-GOP Persecution Complex 2019-12-11
Episode 95: The Hollow Vanity of Libertarian "Choice" Rhetoric 2019-12-04
Episode 94: The Goofy Pseudoscience Copaganda of TV Forensics 2019-11-27
News Brief: A Conversation With Indigenous Media Resistance on Mauna Kea 2019-11-20
News Brief: Bolivia Coup Coverage and the Limits of 'Agency' Discourse 2019-11-15
Episode 93: 100 Years of U.S. Media Fueling Anti-Immigrant Sentiment 2019-11-13
Episode 92: The Responsibility-Erasing Catch-all of ‘Automation’ 2019-10-30
Episode 91: It's Time to Retire the Term "Middle Class" 2019-10-23
Episode 90: How Western Media's False Binary Between "Science" and Indigenous Rights is Used to Erase Native People 2019-10-16
Episode 89: How Charges of 'Appeasement' Equate Diplomacy with Treason 2019-10-09
Episode 88: The Mythical Bygone Glory Days of "Free Speech" 2019-09-25
News Brief: Jon Schwarz on Samantha Power's Whitewashing Memoir 2019-09-23
Episode 87: Nate Silver and the Crisis of Pundit Brain 2019-09-18
Episode 86: Incitement Against the Homeless (Part II) - The Exterminationist Rhetoric of Fox News 2019-09-11
Episode 85: Incitement Against the Homeless (Part I) - The Infestation Rhetoric of Local News 2019-09-04
Episode 84: How Claims of “Sowing Discord” Are Used to Silence Criticism of Power 2019-07-24
Episode 83: The Unchecked Conservative Ideology of US Media's 'Fact-Check' Verticals 2019-07-17
Episode 82: 'Western Civilization' and White Supremacy: The Right-Wing Co-option of Antiquity 2019-07-10

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