Citations Needed is a podcast about the intersection of media, PR, and power, hosted by Nima Shirazi and Adam Johnson.


Title Date published
Episode 63: Gambling and Neoliberal Rot - How Our Most Regressive Tax Flies Under the Radar 2019-01-23
Episode 62: Sanitizing Our Settler-Colonial Past With ‘Nation of Immigrants’ Narratives 2019-01-16
Episode 61: What The Hell Is Wrong With MSNBC, Part II -- A Rebuttal 2019-01-09
Episode 60: Kitten Rescues, Lip-Syncing & Christmas Traffic Stops - Your Guide to Clickbait Copaganda 2018-12-12
Episode 59: National Pastimes: Mindless Militarism in American Sports 2018-12-05
Episode 58: The Neoliberal Optimism Industry 2018-11-28
News Brief: Consumer Society and the Curation of Culture 2018-11-21
Episode 57: A Matter of Survival - Trivializing Trans Rights as a Boutique “Identity” Issue 2018-11-14
Episode 56: How The Media Learned to Worry About War Without Ever Opposing It 2018-11-07
Episode 55: Jake Tapper and the Art of Faux-Adversarialism 2018-10-31
Episode 54: Local 'Crime' Reporting as Police Stenography 2018-10-17
Episode 53: The Increasingly Dull Edge of 'Hypocrisy' Takedowns 2018-10-10
Episode 52: Attacks on Affirmative Action and the Commodification of Diversity 2018-10-03
Episode 51: How 'The West Wing' Poisoned the Liberal Mind 2018-09-26
Episode 50: Anti-Imperialism and MSNBC-Approved Socialism 2018-09-19
Episode 49: Shifting Media Representations of Abortion (Part II) 2018-09-12
Episode 48: Shifting Media Representations of Abortion (Part I) 2018-09-05
News Brief: Don't Let the Media Erase McCain's Far Right Legacy 2018-08-26
Episode 47: American Magnanimity - Spinning Crimes Against Humanity as Benevolence 2018-08-08
Episode 46: The Not-So-Benevolent Billionaire, Part II - Bill Gates in Africa 2018-08-01

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