Citations Needed is a podcast about the intersection of media, PR, and power, hosted by Nima Shirazi and Adam Johnson.


Title Date published
Episode 41: The Moral Poverty of Capitalist Healthcare Framing 2018-06-20
Episode 40: The Civility Fetish 2018-06-13
Episode 39: From Cradle to Courtroom: How The Media Stacks the Deck Against “Defendants” 2018-06-06
Episode 38: The Media's Bogus Generation Obsession 2018-05-23
Episode 37: Black Lives Matter, Dreamers, and the Problem of 'The Perfect Victim' 2018-05-16
Episode 36: Maplewashing — Looking Behind Canada’s Progressive Veneer 2018-05-09
Episode 35: The Total Blackout of the Korean Left 2018-04-25
Episode 34: What the Hell is Wrong with MSNBC? 2018-04-18
Episode 33: Liberals' Obsession with the Phantom Reasonable Republican 2018-04-11
Episode 32: Attack of the PC College Kids! 2018-03-28
Episode 31: Fake ISIS Plots and the Selling of Forever War 2018-03-21
Episode 30: Liberal Media’s Myopic Military Worship 2018-03-14
Episode 29: The Asymptotic ‘Two State Solution’ (Part II) 2018-03-07
Episode 28: The Asymptotic 'Two State Solution' (Part I) 2018-02-28
News Brief: How to Respond to Knee-Jerk Bigotry on Live TV 2018-02-21
Episode 27: How the Media Mainstreamed Racist Pseudoscience 2018-02-14
Episode 26: The 'Welfare' Dog-Whistle 2018-02-07
Episode 25: The Banality of CIA-Curated Definitions of ‘Democracy’ 2018-01-31
Episode 24: Highlighting Alternative Media - The Moral Limits of Dunking on Thomas Friedman 2018-01-24
News Brief: Why the Media Should Stop Calling it a "Government Shutdown" 2018-01-24

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