Citations Needed is a podcast about the intersection of media, PR, and power, hosted by Nima Shirazi and Adam Johnson.


Title Date published
Episode 26: The 'Welfare' Dog-Whistle 2018-02-07
Episode 25: The Banality of CIA-Curated Definitions of ‘Democracy’ 2018-01-31
Episode 24: Highlighting Alternative Media - The Moral Limits of Dunking on Thomas Friedman 2018-01-24
News Brief: Why the Media Should Stop Calling it a "Government Shutdown" 2018-01-24
Episode 23: The Media's Grim Addiction to Perseverance Porn 2018-01-17
Episode 22: Trumpwashing -- How the Media Uses Trump to Launder Our Criminal Past 2018-01-10
Episode 21: Quantifying Negative Media Portrayals of People of Color 2018-01-03
Episode 20: Lotteryism, Part II -- A Most Dangerous Game: How Sports Are Used to Fleece Public Trusts 2017-12-20
Episode 19: Lotteryism Part I -- How a Compliant Press Fuels the Spectacle of 'Winning' 2017-12-13
Episode 18: Fake News Panic and the Silencing of Dissident Media 2017-12-06
Episode 17: Whitewashing America's Role in Yemen 2017-11-29
News Brief: #J20 Trial Update and the Political Definitions of 'Violence' 2017-11-22
Episode 16: Editorial Boards––Protectors of Establishment Ideology 2017-11-15
Episode 15: The Real Estate Page As Colonial Dispatch 2017-11-08
Episode 14: The Iran Deal Protection Racket 2017-11-01
Episode 13: The Always Stumbling US Empire 2017-10-25
Episode 12: The New Atheists, Celebrity Crusaders For Empire 2017-10-11
Episode 11: The Deficits Racket Part II -- Racist Media as Barrier to Govt Spending 2017-10-04
Episode 11: The Deficits Racket Part I -- Single Payer Propaganda War 2017-09-27
Episode 10: Ableism and the Ethics of Calling Trump “Crazy” 2017-09-20

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