The director’s commentary track for Daring Fireball.


Title Date published
129: ‘90 Minutes or Bust’, With Guest Ben Thompson 2015-08-29
128: ‘Did You Ever Take a Photograph?’, With Guest Matthew Panzarino 2015-08-09
127: ‘A Sack Full of Plucked Feathers’, With Guest John Moltz 2015-07-29
126: ‘Tommy Got Made’, With Guest Jason Snell 2015-07-20
125: ‘They Buy a Hole in the Wall’, With Guest Horace Dediu 2015-06-28
124: ‘Schiller Did Not Have to Put Up With This Bullshit’, With Guest Guy English 2015-06-20
123: Live From WWDC 2015, With Guest Phil Schiller 2015-06-10
122: ‘Everyone Needs a Jerk’, With Guest Mark Gurman 2015-06-07
121: ‘He Was Sort of Anti-Golf’, With Guest Rene Ritchie 2015-05-31
120: ‘The Move to Frisco’, With Guest Dan Frommer 2015-05-23
119: ‘Workin’ in Pajamas’, With Guest David Sparks 2015-05-15
118: ‘Sloppy on the Side’, With Guest Adam Lisagor 2015-05-07
117: ‘I Touched Ron Johnson’, With Guest John Moltz 2015-04-30
116: ‘Browser Pooped on the Wee-Wee Pad’, With Guest Joanna Stern 2015-04-15
115: ‘Turd on the Front Porch’, With Guest Ben Thompson 2015-04-03
114: ‘All of Us Assholes in Journalism’, With Guest Serenity Caldwell 2015-03-20
113: ‘A Tube of Lubricant for Your Life’, With Guest Matthew Panzarino 2015-03-12
112: ‘Retina Quality’, With Guest Paul Kafasis 2015-03-04
111: ‘12 Hours a Day’, With Guest John Moltz 2015-02-23
110: ‘Rats in the Lobby’, With Guest Merlin Mann 2015-02-13

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