The director’s commentary track for Daring Fireball.


Title Date published
108: ‘Malaprops’, With Guest Ben Thompson 2015-01-24
107: ‘Now It’s All Floppy’, With Guest Marco Arment 2015-01-12
106: ‘Star Wars Holiday Spectacular’, With Guests John Siracusa and Guy English 2014-12-31
105: ‘George Lucas Called’, With Guest Jason Snell 2014-12-30
104: ‘2014 Year in Review’, With Guest Rene Ritchie 2014-12-26
103: ‘Robotitize the Assembly’, With Guest Dan Frommer 2014-12-16
102: ‘Maybe You Don’t Take an Apprentice’, With Dave Wiskus 2014-12-05
101: ‘Like a Butt Crack’, With Christa Mrgan 2014-11-25
100: ‘People Are Gay All the Time’, With John Moltz 2014-11-15
XCIX: ‘The Smoker Channels’, With Merlin Mann 2014-11-07
98: ‘Far Less Eloquent as You’, With John Siracusa 2014-10-25
97: ‘Copious Software Projects’, With Guy English 2014-10-10
96: ‘The Edition Edition’, With Ben ‘Bengate’ Thompson 2014-09-28
95: ‘Twenty-One Thousand Words’, With Rene Ritchie 2014-09-19
94: ‘Very Few Outhouses Anymore’, With Jason Snell 2014-09-08
93: ‘Toner-Perfect Design’, With Craig Hockenberry 2014-08-29
92: ‘That New Laptop Smell’, With Joanna Stern 2014-08-21
91: ‘BlackBerry Is Still Technically in Business’, With Dan Frommer 2014-08-12
90: ‘Jamming More RAM in for Free’, With John Moltz 2014-07-28
89: ‘Cat Pictures’, With Marco Arment (Side 2) 2014-07-19

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