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Title Date published
How to Save for a Wedding (Hour 3) 2019-07-22
Debt Is the Symptom, Not the Problem (Hour 2) 2019-07-22
The First Show From the New Studio! (Hour 1) 2019-07-22
Talk About the WHY Before the HOW (Hour 3) 2019-07-19
The Number 1 Way to Avoid Student Loan Debt (Hour 2) 2019-07-19
The Credit Card Is the Cigarette of the Financial World (Hour 1) 2019-07-19
Even When You Don't Have Momentum, You're Better Than You Look (Hour 3) 2019-07-18
How to Face Your Financial Fears (Hour 2) 2019-07-18
Your Parents' Debt Is Not YOUR Debt (Hour 1) 2019-07-18
Finding Your Passion Means Finding a Problem You Want to Solve (Hour 3) 2019-07-17
You Have to Get Scared Enough to Get Radical (Hour 2) 2019-07-17
Don't Listen to Financial Advice From Someone That Is Broke! (Hour 1) 2019-07-17
Failure is NOT Fatal (Hour 3) 2019-07-16
Should I Get a $1 Million Apartment? (Hour 2) 2019-07-16
Micro-Investing Is Going to Lead to Micro-Wealth (Hour 1) 2019-07-16
How to Navigate Baby Step 4 With a Pension Plan (Hour 3) 2019-07-15
There's No Shame in the Emotion of Personal Finance (Hour 2) 2019-07-15
Becoming Debt-Free Feels Like Getting a Raise (Hour 1) 2019-07-15
Don’t Be Normal – Be Weird! (Hour 3) 2019-07-12
Make Clear Decisions, Not Rush Decisions (Hour 2) 2019-07-12

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