Big questions and theories explained in under 2 minutes from A History of Ideas on BBC Radio 4. Animations voiced by Harry Shearer, Gillian Anderson, Stephen Fry and Aidan Turner. Scripted by Nigel Warburton. This project is made in collaboration with The Open University and the animations were created by Cognitive.


Title Date published
The Libet Experiment: Is free will just an illusion? 2014-12-18
The Free Will Defence: A Good God vs The Problem of Evil 2014-12-18
The Harm Principle: How to live your life the way you want to 2014-12-18
Freedom vs Security: Freedom at any cost? 2014-12-18
Edmund Burke on the sublime 2014-12-18
Diotima's Ladder: From Lust to Morality 2014-12-18
Feminine Beauty: A social construct? 2014-12-18
The Golden Ratio: Possibly the best rectangle in the world 2014-12-18
Kant's Axe 2014-12-18
The Trolley Problem 2014-12-18
The Life You Can Save 2014-12-18
The Is / Ought Problem 2014-12-18
Hindu Creation Stories 2015-01-13
The Big Bang 2015-01-14
Thomas Aquinas and the First Mover Argument 2015-01-15
William Paley and the Divine Watchmaker 2015-01-16
The Idea of Cultural Tranmission 2015-01-20
Karl Marx on Alienation 2015-01-21
Noam Chomsky on Language Aquisition 2015-01-22
John Locke on Personal Identity 2015-01-23

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