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Title Date published
Why India can’t work from home 2020-08-04
Tracking the trolls 2020-07-28
Covid 19: Mapping changing sentiment in tweets 2020-07-21
Ethiopia’s continuing online censorship 2020-07-14
Can we make the web a better space? 2020-07-07
Exploring digital death 2020-06-30
Nigerian internet land rights costs fall 2020-06-23
Is this the end of facial recognition tech? 2020-06-16
Algorithm activism – a new type of protest 2020-06-09
Digital exclusion in Brazil 2020-06-02
Hacking internet-enabled cars 2020-05-26
Testing EdTech 2020-05-19
Spain’s many COVID-19 apps 2020-05-12
Chinese mobile data predicts Covid-19 Spread 2020-05-05
Privacy concerns over contact tracing apps 2020-04-28
Could fitness trackers track COVID-19? 2020-04-21
Supercomputers seeking solutions for Covid-19 2020-04-14
Internet and journalist reporting freedom curtailed 2020-04-07
Covid-19 cyber attacks rise 2020-03-31
A digital tracker that monitors new surveillance 2020-03-24

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