Dr. Anthony Gustin (founder and CEO of Perfect Keto) believes the natural state of an organism is health. In this podcast he explores how we can reclaim our health. The Natural State features interviews with health and nutrition influencers, world-class thought leaders, and industry experts. With exclusive content that breaks down complex ideas to make them simple and digestible. We cover topics like ketosis for weight loss, intermittent fasting, low carb and ketogenic diets, nutrition, healing chronic conditions and hormones.


Title Date published
063: Andy Hnilo - Generating Healthy Skin Cells, Personal Care Ingredients to Avoid for Healthier Skin, Why Retinol is Bad and What to Use Instead 2019-06-03
062: Dr. Anthony Gustin - (Q&A #4) - My Daily Routines, Improving Mental Health, Exogenous Ketones and Stomach Upsets, Fiber Intake, and What I Wish I Knew Sooner 2019-05-27
061: Gary Taubes - Why We Get Fat, What Calories In vs Calories Out Gets Wrong, and How to Lose Weight Using a High-Fat Keto Diet 2019-05-20
060: Dr. Paul Saladino - Plant Toxicity, The Carnivore Diet from a Doctor’s Perspective, and Foods to Add and Avoid When Going Carnivore 2019-05-13
059: Dr. Jeff Volek - 10+ Years of Keto Research, Cholesterol on Keto, Exogenous Ketones, and How Keto is Reshaping Outdated Nutritional Guidelines 2019-04-26
058: Dr. Michael Ruscio - Strategies for Improving Gut Health, How Histamines Might Be Sabotaging Your Health, and Choosing the Right Probiotic 2019-04-22
057: Robb Wolf - Electrolyte Imbalances When Eating Low-Carb, mTOR Activation, Fasting, the Carnivore Diet, and Finding the Right Tool to Reach Your Health Goals 2019-04-01
056: Siim Land - Fasting and Muscle Mass, a Deep Dive into mTOR, and Reaching Autophagy With and Without Fasting 2019-03-25
055: Ben Greenfield - Biohacking Your Health: The Top Hacks From a Professional Obstacle Course Racer 2019-03-18
054: Dr. Josh Axe - Nutritional Principles from Chinese Medicine, Keto for Cancer, CBD, and 3 Missing Ingredients in Most Diets 2019-03-11
053: Dr. Daniel Pompa - Why Most Detoxes Are Bogus, Mercury Poisoning, Autophagy, and How to Create New Stem Cells 2019-03-05
052: Adee Zukier Cazayoux - Tips from a Nutritional Coach, Electrolytes on Keto, and Why Your Nutrition Approach Should Evolve Over Time 2019-02-25
051: Dr. Cate Shanahan - Vegetable Oils: The Real Culprit Behind Poor Health, According to Research 2019-02-18
050: Dr. Anna Cabeca - How Keto Affects Women’s Hormones, Benefits of A Keto-Alkaline Approach, and More Strategies for Achieving Hormonal Balance 2019-02-13
049: Kyle Kingsbury - Life Lessons from Fighting UFC and MMA, Experimenting with Nutrition, and the Importance of Self-Reflection 2019-01-15
048: Brandon Carter - How to Build Muscle on Keto, Protein-Sparing Modified Fasts, and The Positive Side Effects that Come with a Low-Carb High-Fat Diet 2019-01-07
047: David Goggins - Overcoming Obstacles, Changing Your Mindset, and How to Break Free From Your Comfort Zone 2019-01-03
046: Diane Sanfilippo - Keto & Paleo, Why Ketosis Isn’t About Fat Loss, and How a SAVVY Nutritional Approach Can Help 2018-12-31
045: Jonathan Bailor - Why Calorie Counting is Bogus & What to Do Instead 2018-12-24
044: David Perlmutter – Brain Health, Grain Brain 5 Years Later, and How Diet & Exercise Affect Your Brain 2018-12-17

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