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Title Date published
Bonus Episode: Masculinity In 2018 2018-06-21
The Immigration Flashpoint 2018-06-18
Emergency Podcast: The Inspector General's Report 2018-06-14
The Super Tuesday Of The Midterms 2018-06-04
The Polls Are All Right 2018-05-31
Things Look Less Good For Dems 2018-05-29
A Year Of Mueller 2018-05-21
A Democratic Squabble In Texas 2018-05-17
Partisanship Is A Hell Of A Drug 2018-05-14
Special Episode: Chasing Hillary 2018-05-10
Primary Season Begins 2018-05-07
The Giuliani Rampage Podcast 2018-05-04
How Much Trouble Is Manchin In? 2018-04-30
About That Texas Poll 2018-04-23
The Comey Episode 2018-04-16
Emergency Podcast: Ryan To Retire 2018-04-11
The Nightmare Midterms Hack 2018-04-10
Emergency Podcast: FBI Raids Trump's Lawyer's Office 2018-04-09
FiveThirtyEight Family Feud 2018-04-03
Special: Cambridge Analytica, Facebook, and Political Data 2018-03-29

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