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Title Date published
Sparks: Why Health Care Costs So Much 2017-04-08
Filibuster Time 2017-04-03
Live From Boise 2017-03-27
Emergency Health Care Podcast: Live From Boise 2017-03-24
Three Polls And A SCOTUS Nominee 2017-03-20
Trumpcare 2017-03-13
Hot Takedown: Politics In Sports 2017-03-09
Anatomy Of A Scandal 2017-03-06
Party People 2017-02-27
Party Time: 'Establishment' Democrats 2017-02-23
A Month Of Trump 2017-02-21
Party Time: The Bernie Sanders Party 2017-02-16
Emergency Podcast: This Russia Stuff 2017-02-15
Tea Party Parallels 2017-02-13
Party Time: Republicans Skeptical Of Trump 2017-02-09
Trump Vs. The Courts 2017-02-06
Party Time: The GOP Under Trump 2017-02-02
Emergency Podcast: The SCOTUS Battle Ahead 2017-02-01
Chaos At The White House 2017-01-30
The Beginning Of The Trump Presidency 2017-01-23

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