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Title Date published
The Gerrymandering Project: Arizona 2017-12-21
Lessons From Alabama 2017-12-18
The Gerrymandering Project: North Carolina 2017-12-14
Emergency Podcast: Doug Jones Wins 2017-12-12
The Alabama Election Is Here 2017-12-11
The Gerrymandering Project: Wisconsin 2017-12-07
Are Taxes A Pyrrhic Victory? 2017-12-04
Emergency Podcast: Flynn Flips 2017-12-01
The Gerrymandering Project: Intro 2017-11-30
Congress's Broken Culture 2017-11-27
Alabama Is Tied 2017-11-20
Franken Is Accused Of Harassment 2017-11-16
Alabama's Senate Race 2017-11-13
2016 Anniversary Talk 2017-11-08
A Good Night For Democrats 2017-11-07
Election Day 2017 2017-11-06
Sexual Harassment In Media And Politics 2017-11-04
Mueller's First Strike 2017-10-30
Emergency Podcast - Flake Is Out 2017-10-24

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