Each week Iyaz Akhtar scours CNET's sites to see what people are looking at and talking about, and then counts down the most popular trends in tech. From the most popular products to must have gadgets to the most downloaded software, Iyaz brings a witty, informative look at each week's list.


Title Date published
The case for a Pixel watch 2019-10-14
Why the Surface Duo will be amazing 2019-10-07
Facebook's augmented reality glasses will be amazing 2019-09-23
The 5 biggest Apple iPhone 11 letdowns 2019-09-12
USB4: What you need to know 2019-09-09
Top 5 laptops with the best battery life (2019 edition) 2019-09-02
Top 5 streaming services for live TV 2019-08-26
Apple iPhone 11: The top 5 rumors 2019-08-19
The 5 biggest Galaxy Note 10 letdowns 2019-08-12
Neuralink: What you need to know 2019-08-05

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