Peter Mansbridge hosts the country's most-watched political panel, with Chantal Hébert, Andrew Coyne and Bruce Anderson debating the week's hot topics on Parliament Hill. Plus, feature interviews with political leaders and newsmakers.


Title Date published
Trump and Trudeau's tariffs could start trade war | At Issue 2018-06-01
Breaking down Ottawa's pipeline purchase | At Issue 2018-05-30
Trans Mountain pipeline may get taxpayer money? | At Issue 2018-05-18
Controlling flow of asylum seekers, misconduct in the NDP | At Issue 2018-05-11
NDP expels MP from caucus, electoral reform bill | At Issue 2018-05-04
Pipeline politics force government to consider a Plan B | At Issue 2018-04-20
Trudeau to meet with B.C., Alberta on pipeline | At Issue 2018-04-13
Unrest in the NDP, Liberals' divisive attestation | At Issue 2018-03-30
Government data collection, Quebec and Ontario elections | At Issue 2018-03-23
Trump's trade war, Scheer in London | At Issue 2018-03-09
Trudeau and Atwal scandal lingering, Bloc Québécois fading | At Issue 2018-03-02
The Trudeau government's third budget | At Issue 2018-02-28
Trudeau in India and Patrick Brown's leadership bid | At Issue 2018-02-23
Gerald Stanley's acquittal and Indigenous rights | At Issue 2018-02-16
At Issue | Allegations of sexual misconduct hit all three parties 2018-02-02
Patrick Brown & Kent Hehr's misconduct cases | At Issue 2018-01-26
Canada's united NAFTA pitch and student job grants | At Issue 2018-01-19
NAFTA, Trudeau town halls | At Issue 2018-01-12
NAFTA and Canadian politics | At Issue 2018-01-05
The Trump-Trudeau relationship one year on, and looking back on the career of Tom Mulcair | At Issue 2017-12-22

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