<p>Art Mann, the world-renowned expert in drunken travel, shares his knowledge of unique destinations and outrageous events. He throws the desk out in the sand with special guests and some weeks he travels to tailgates, festivals, wherever people are having good times. H5AF!</p>


Title Date published
Motorized Things Hell Yeah/Rutledge Wood 2020-04-22
Corona Virus Escape Episode/Glenn/Peeler 2020-03-23
Good Times in America and Bum Plugs/Jason Lewis 2020-03-13
Freakin' Crazy Celebrity Stories/Todd Newton 2019-11-19
Temptation Island/Mark Walberg 2019-10-31
Colorado/Tailgating 2019-10-17
Vanilla Ice/Tequila 2019-05-14
Coffey Anderson/The BEST Country Music Festivals 2019-04-29
Zane Lamprey/Three BEST Things to do in May 2019-04-10
Mud Trucks, St. Patrick's Day, and Free Alcohol 2019-02-14
30,000 Drunk People in Reno 2019-01-22
Beer and Good Times in Bakersfield 2018-10-27
Top 5 Drunken Christmas Destinations 2018-10-11
Pismo Beach with Buckshot Racing 2018-09-27
LIVE from the Tequila and Taco Fest 2018-08-14
NFL Legend Joe Thomas 2018-08-03
LIVE from Fiesta Island 2018-07-27
Glenn/Drunkest Place/Dummy of the Week 2018-07-17
LIVE from Run, Paddle, Vomit 2018 in Hermosa Beach 2018-07-06
Crazy Events for July/Louisiana 2018-06-28

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