Bloomberg Opinion columnist Barry Ritholtz looks at the people and ideas that shape markets, investing and business.


Title Date published
John Schlifske on the Legacy of Northwestern Mutual (Podcast) 2021-04-09
Shirl Penney on Building a $100 Billion RIA Platform (Podcast) 2021-04-01
Gary Chropuvka on Financial Engineering (Podcast) 2021-03-26
Bill Gurley on Entrepreneurs and Technology (Podcast) 2021-03-19
Jeff Immelt on Crisis Management and Leadership (Podcast) 2021-03-12
William J. Bernstein on Crowd Behavior (Podcast) 2021-03-05
Jean Hynes, Wellington’s Incoming CEO (Podcast) 2021-02-26
Doug Braunstein on Investment Banking (Podcast) 2021-02-19
Ben Inker on Value and Asset Allocation (Podcast) 2021-02-12
Kevin Landis on Technology Investments (Podcast) 2021-02-05
Ron Baron on Investing in Tesla and SpaceX (Podcast) 2021-01-29
Andrew Beer on the Hedge Fund Industry (Podcast) 2021-01-22
Adam Karr on Contrarian Investing 2021-01-15
Sébastien Page on Smart Asset Allocation 2021-01-08
Dave Welling on What Financial Services Should Look Like 2020-12-31
Jeff Poggi on the Art and Science of High-End Audio 2020-12-26
Tom Slater on Growth Investing (Podcast) 2020-12-18
Mike Swell on Global Fixed Income Investors (Podcast) 2020-12-11
Catherine Keating on Wealth Management (Podcast) 2020-12-03
Greg Fleming on Shaping Wall Street (Podcast) 2020-11-25

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