Bloomberg Opinion columnist Barry Ritholtz looks at the people and ideas that shape markets, investing and business.


Title Date published
Joe Ricketts Discusses Trade and Deregulation 2019-11-28
Ilana Weinstein Discusses Hedge Fund Recruitment 2019-11-22
Ash Carter Discusses the Business of Defense 2019-11-15
MIB Live (Replay) with Eugene Fama and David Booth 2019-11-08
Gregory Zuckerman on the Quant Revolution 2019-10-30
Michael Spence Discusses Inequality and Growth 2019-10-25
Fran Kinniry Discusses Diversified Portfolios 2019-10-18
Binyamin Appelbaum Discusses Monetary Policy 2019-10-11
Robert Shiller Discusses Narrative Economics 2019-10-05
Brian Grazer Discusses Imagine Entertainment 2019-09-27
Sarah Ketterer Discusses Investment Management 2019-09-19
Lord Browne Discusses the Equilibrium of Engineering 2019-09-13
Kara Swisher Discusses the Tech Industry 2019-09-07
Jay Bowen Discusses Pension Fund Management 2019-08-28
Ron Williams Discusses the Health-Care Business 2019-08-23
Josh Wolfe Discusses Innovative Investments (Podcast) 2019-08-16
Danny Blanchflower Discusses Labor Economics (Podcast) 2019-08-09
Rajiv Jain Discusses Portfolio Management 2019-08-02
Nathan Sheets Discusses Fixed Income (Podcast) 2019-07-26
Allison Schrager Discusses Monetary Policy 2019-07-19

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