Bloomberg Opinion columnist Barry Ritholtz looks at the people and ideas that shape markets, investing and business.


Title Date published
Matthew Granade Discusses Quantitative Investment (Podcast) 2019-03-15
Acadian’s John Chisholm Discusses Investments 2019-03-08
Howard Marks LIVE (Replay) with Barry Ritholtz (Podcast) 2019-02-27
Neil Dwane Discusses Global Investment (Podcast) 2019-02-22
Vanguard's Joe Davis Discusses Global Economics (Podcast) 2019-02-15
Fern Mallis Discusses the Fashion Industry (Podcast) 2019-02-07
Matt Hougan Discusses Cryptocurrency and ETF Indexes (Podcast) 2019-02-01
Cameron Mitchell Discusses the Restaurant Business (Podcast) 2019-01-25
Jack Bogle Remembered on Masters in Business (Podcast) 2019-01-18
Len Kiefer Discusses the Housing and Mortgage Markets (Podcast) 2019-01-11
Jason Schwarz Discusses Asset Management (Podcast) 2019-01-04
Francis Greenburger Discusses Real-Estate Development (Podcast) 2018-12-28
David Hall Discusses the State of Venture Capital (Podcast) 2018-12-20
Bethany McLean Discusses the Fracking Industry (Podcast) 2018-12-13
Jeremy Grantham Discusses Sustainable Investment (Podcast) 2018-12-07
Rick Wilson Discusses the Business of Politics (Podcast) 2018-12-05
Ray Dalio Live (Replay) with Barry Ritholtz (Podcast) 2018-11-30
Ralph Scamardella on the High-End Food Business (Podcast) 2018-11-20
Scott Adams Discusses Syndication and the Media (Podcast) 2018-11-16
Ray Dalio Discusses Major Financial Crises (Podcast) 2018-11-08

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