Comedian Doug Benson (Super High Me, Last Comic Standing) invites his friends to sit down and discuss his first love: movies!


Title Date published
Samm Levine, Justin Long and Clarke Wolfe guest 2020-04-27
Josh Gondelman, Martha Kelly and Jeremiah Watkins guest 2020-04-24
Jason Ellis, Kevin Kraft, Michael Tully and Dustin Ybarra guest 2020-04-20
Jonah Ray, Har Mar Superstar and Noël Wells guest 2020-04-17
Amy Miller, Dan Van Kirk and Clarke Wolfe guest 2020-04-13
Vanessa Gonzalez, Doug Mellard and Josh Wolf guest 2020-04-10
Carina Magyar, C. Robert Cargill and John Erler guest 2020-03-17
Iliza Shlesinger, Brian Moses, Samm Levine and Wayne Federman guest 2020-03-11
Lisa Corrao, Matt Fernandez and Ernest Vilcsek guest 2020-03-04
Vanessa Gonzalez, Kelly McInerney, John McPhail and Taylor Rizzo guest 2020-02-26
Drew Carey, Ken Jennings, Jonathan Mangum and Doug Mellard guest 2020-02-12
Chris Cubas, Geoff Tate and Craig Robinson guest 2020-02-03
Joyelle Johnson, Noël Wells, Rob Huebel and Moshe Kasher guest 2020-01-29
Rob Corddry, Arden Myrin, Jonah Ray and Adam Savage guest 2020-01-22
Sarah Baker, Lisa DeLarios, Martha Kelly and Eliza Skinner guest 2020-01-16
Amy Miller, Bri Pruett and Sara Weinshenk guest 2020-01-07
C. Robert Cargill, Vanessa Gonzalez, Mike MacRae and Chris Tellez guest 2019-12-30
Mike Bentley, Shane Mauss and Jessimae Peluso guest 2019-12-22
Ken Jennings, Sean Jordan, Wilfred Padua and Geoff Tate guest 2019-12-17
The 12 Guests of Xmas with Zach Galifianakis, Justin Long, Amy Miller and 10 more guests 2019-12-13

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