Comedian Doug Benson (Super High Me, Last Comic Standing) invites his friends to sit down and discuss his first love: movies!


Title Date published
Michael Rapaport, Jason Ellis, Jesse Pasternack and Todd Garner guest 2019-05-29
Marc Maron, Anna Mazza and Geoff Tate guest 2019-05-27
Ian Karmel, David Gborie and Sean Jordan guest 2019-05-21
Riki Lindhome, Rich Sommer and Samm Levine guest 2019-05-15
Taylor Tomlinson, Rasta Jeff and Geoff Tate guest 2019-05-13
Amy Miller, Samm Levine and Leonard Maltin guest 2019-05-11
Geoff Tate, Troy Tate and Anna Mazza guest 2019-05-09
Dan Van Kirk, Greg Fitzsimmons and Chad Daniels guest 2019-05-06
Bobcat Goldthwait, Dana Gould, Clarke Wolfe and Adam Ray guest 2019-04-24
Trey Galyon, Justin Thompson and Joe Pettis guest 2019-04-14
Beth Stelling, Jim Norton and Chad Opitz guest 2019-04-08
Dan Soder, Ken Jennings, Desmin Borges and Samm Levine guest 2019-04-03
Geoff Tate, Joe DeRosa, Rachel Wolfson and Mark Cohen guest 2019-04-01
Amy Seimetz, Eli Roth, Dan Van Kirk and Matt Braunger guest 2019-03-27
Har Mar Superstar, Geoff Tate and D.J. Dangler guest 2019-03-25
Har Mar Superstar, Owen Egerton and Doug Mellard guest 2019-03-18
Kumail Nanjiani, Leonard Maltin, Amy Miller and Erik Griffin guest 2019-03-12
(Rebroadcast) Jon Dore, Brody Stevens, Mark Forward and JP Manoux guest 2019-03-01
Todd Glass, Ross Marquand, Geoff Tate and Griffin Newman guest 2019-02-27
Mark Normand, Justin Thompson and Dave Siegel guest 2019-02-17

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