Comedian Doug Benson (Super High Me, Last Comic Standing) invites his friends to sit down and discuss his first love: movies!


Title Date published
Dan Soder, Amy Miller, David Gborie and Ramon Rivas guest 2017-09-03
Eric Edelstein, Vanessa Johnston, Luis J. Gomez and Jacob Sirof guest 2017-08-30
"Mark Wahlberg," Adam Burke and an audience member guest 2017-08-24
Josh Wolf, Jacob Sirof and Sean Jordan guest 2017-08-21
Alice Wetterlund, Noël Wells, Nick Thune and Greg Garcia guest 2017-08-16
Jeff Dye, Geoff Tate and Adrian Cosby guest 2017-08-14
Kumail Nanjiani, Aya Cash and Desmin Borges guest 2017-08-07
Justin Long, Steve Kazee, Alex Brightman and Seth Herzog guest 2017-08-01
Leonard Maltin, Sean Jordan and Samm Levine guest 2017-07-28
Samm Levine, Mark Ellis and Jacob Sirof guest 2017-07-21
Andy Signore, Graham Elwood and Jacob Sirof guest 2017-07-20
Steve-O, Andrei Busuioceanu and Jacob Sirof guest 2017-07-16
Casper Van Dien, Rosa Salazar and Jeff Miller guest 2017-07-09
Sean Jordan, Trey Galyon and an audience member guest 2017-07-03
Edgar Wright, Rob Cantrell, Doogie Horner and "Mark Wahlberg" guest 2017-06-27
Brian Heffron, Seth Herzog, Doogie Horner and "Mark Wahlberg" guest 2017-06-26
Michelle Biloon, Chip Chantry, Doogie Horner and Randi Lawson guest 2017-06-26
Trey Galyon, Tim Brennan and Nick Stevens guest 2017-06-19
Samm Levine, Josh Brown and Ken Reid guest 2017-06-18
Ross Marquand, Graham Elwood, Brian Sacca and Dave Waite guest 2017-06-14

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