Comedian Doug Benson (Super High Me, Last Comic Standing) invites his friends to sit down and discuss his first love: movies!


Title Date published
Scott Thompson, Mark Forward and Sean Cullen guest 2016-08-05
Sean Cullen, Ian Kinney and Rob Mailloux guest 2016-08-03
Amy Smart, Jesse Pasternack and Geoff Tate guest 2016-07-30
Leonard Maltin, Mark Ellis and Graham Elwood guest 2016-07-21
Nick Swardson, Kyle Kinane and Morgan Murphy guest 2016-07-17
Paul F. Tompkins, Thomas Middleditch and Adam Nee guest 2016-07-12
Bert Kreischer, Chad Daniels and Tom Plute guest 2016-07-11
Danny Trejo, Joseph Mazzello and Josh Wolf guest 2016-07-06
Rob Corddry, Tony Thaxton and Greg Fitzsimmons guest 2016-07-01
Samm Levine, Trey Galyon and Keith Stubbs guest 2016-06-29
Mark Normand, Michele Biloon, Jim Ginty and Doogie Horner guest 2016-06-27
Alex Brightman, Doogie Horner and Steve Morrison guest 2016-06-26
Dave Waite, Geoff Tate, Steve Agee and Sean Jordan guest 2016-06-22
Chad Daniels, Colt Cabana, Kjell Bjorgen and Jacob Sirof guest 2016-06-20
Keith Powell, Lamorne Morris and Ramon Rivas II guest 2016-06-15
Ross Marquand, Theo Von, Scoot McNairy and Justin Thompson guest 2016-06-14
Andree Vermeulen, Sarah Shahi and Jared Watson guest 2016-06-06
Bobcat Goldthwait, Angelo Pizzo, Geoff Tate and Mike McRae guest 2016-06-04
Morgan Spurlock, Jim Norton, Aya Cash and Tom Brady guest 2016-05-31
"Mark Wahlberg," Matt Mira and charity auction winner Josh Brown guest 2016-05-29

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