<p>Self destructive writer Dan Harmon claims he will one day found a colony of like-minded misfits. He’s appointed suit-clad gadabout Jeff Davis as his Comptroller and bearded dreamboat Spencer Crittenden as his Dungeon Master. It’s like a neurotic town hall meeting, often with alcohol and famous people.</p>


Title Date published
ED-209 2016-09-21
The Medicine Of Attention 2016-09-14
JonBenét Gacy 2016-08-31
A Haunted House With A Glass Ceiling 2016-08-24
Pantyhose & Coconuts 2016-08-17
Kratom Barrel 2016-08-10
LIVE from Just for Laughs Montreal 2016 2016-08-03
Celebrity Highlander 2016-07-30
LIVE in San Diego 2016 (During A Comic Book Convention) 2016-07-27
I'm Drunk And High And Shouldn't Have A Podcast 2016-07-13
Pubic Hairs Travel Or Migrate 2016-07-06
A Lady Who Is Famous For Killing Her Baby 2016-06-29
Black Woman Against Over Here 2016-06-22
Simulation 2016-06-08
Flesh Thing Made Of Four Strings Of Dude 2016-06-01
Complete Access To Air 2016-05-25
Stop Singing And Make A Chair 2016-05-18
Problematizing 2016-05-11
What Did You Do To Norman Lear? 2016-05-04
Talk, Talk, Talk, Wounded 2016-04-27

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