<p>Self destructive writer Dan Harmon claims he will one day found a colony of like-minded misfits. He’s appointed suit-clad gadabout Jeff Davis as his Comptroller and bearded dreamboat Spencer Crittenden as his Dungeon Master. It’s like a neurotic town hall meeting, often with alcohol and famous people.</p>


Title Date published
LIVE at The Gramercy, NY Comedy Festival 2015: Night 2 2015-11-21
LIVE at The Gramercy, NY Comedy Festival 2015: Night 1 2015-11-18
I Gymnastics Over To Her 2015-11-11
We Will Be There To Service The Aquarium 2015-11-03
A Little Handicap 2015-10-28
Live From The SeeSo Launch at the New York Television Festival 2015 2015-10-21
Confirmed By A Well Respected Arborist 2015-10-14
#CHIOPS 2015-10-07
Where The Moon? 2015-09-30
Peak Hitler 2015-09-23
NeuroTitties 2015-09-16
Sperm Count 2015-09-09
Pink Mist 2015-09-02
AWWW 2015-08-25
Firetruck 2015-08-19
While in Stealth Mode Press ‘X’ to Kiss Your Wife 2015-08-12
LIVE From UCB East in New York 2015-08-05
Poop Is Temporary, Money Is Forever 2015-07-22
LIVE from The Tin Roof in San Diego 2015 2015-07-15
Taye Brigston, the Littlest Show Promoter 2015-07-07

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