<p>A History of the Internet Era from Netscape to the iPad</p>


Title Date published
143. Neil Hunt on the History of Netflix and Netflix Streaming 2017-05-29
142. Andy Rachleff @arachleff co-founder of Benchmark and Wealthfront 2017-05-21
141. Nathan Latka @NathanLatka of the Top Entrepreneurs Podcast 2017-05-13
140. The Google Chef, Charlie Ayers 2017-04-24
139. The Napster Story with Jordan Ritter 2017-04-16
138. (Ch. 9.2) The History of Google Part 2 2017-04-10
137. (Ch. 9.1) The History of Google Part 1 2017-04-02
136. Petstore.com's Joshua Newman on the Pets Space During the Dotcom Era 2017-03-26
135. The Pseudo.com Story With Dennis Adamo 2017-03-20
134. Yahoo's Acquisition of Overture (Crossover Ep. w/the Acquired Podcast) 2017-03-13
133. Gary Flake on Overture, Yahoo and the History of Search 2017-02-26
132. MG Siegler @mgsiegler on TechCrunch and GV 2017-02-20
131. Elizabeth Osder on the NYTimes.com, Yahoo and More 2017-02-13
130. AOL, AIM, Chat Rooms, The Time Warner Merger... AOL's History with Joe Schober 2017-02-06
129. Michael March on the Indie ISP Industry, and the Birth of Online Spam 2017-01-30
128. Jim McCann of 1800Flowers 2017-01-16
127. The History of the iPhone, On Its 10th Anniversary 2017-01-06
126. (Ch. 8) How the Dotcom Bubble Happened 2017-01-01
125. Sebastian Mallaby on Alan Greenspan and the Dotcom Bubble 2016-12-12
124. Founder of ReadWriteWeb, Richard MacManus 2016-11-27

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