Since 2006, this podcast has been using history to elevate today's political debates. Bruce Carlson applies as much historical context as possible to politics and while he's at it, tells a few stories.


Title Date published
How to Rank The Presidents, with Susan Swain and Brian Lamb of C-SPAN 2019-05-07
The Ark of Commerce, Part III: Loco 2019-04-20
Surprising Facts About Accidental Presidents - Interview w Jared Cohen 2019-04-08
The Ark of Commerce, Part II: Two If By Sea 2019-03-10
The Ark of Commerce - Part I: Crash Party 2019-02-21
28 Minutes 2019-02-15
Thomas Paine, Common Sense and The American Mind 2019-02-07
Many Candidates 2019-02-02
I Am James Buchanan 2019-01-22
The Case That Defined Abraham Lincoln 2019-01-17
The Shays Rebellion and Its Implications 2019-01-05
Curtis LeMay, Warrior, Candidate - with Alex Hastie of Ohio v. The World Podcast 2018-12-28
The Craziest Speaker of The House Election, Indian Removal Petitions and Other Thoughts 2018-12-25
Nixon in Full 2018-12-13
George H.W. Bush, 03 30 81 2018-12-02
Presidents After Midterms with Matt K. Lewis 2018-11-20
David Priess on the Realities of Impeachment and the History of Presidential Removal 2018-11-14
Introducing: The City 2018-11-05
Posse Comitatus and Billy The Kid 2018-11-04
Valley Forge Myth and Reality - Interview with Bob Drury and Tom Clavin, Authors of Valley Forge 2018-10-21

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