Since 2006, bringing historical context to the politics of today. TV pundits discuss politics in a vacuum. Cable news tells you everything is 'breaking news' but in most cases, events have long roots in history. In this podcast, we smash and bash the politics of today with a healthy dose of history


Title Date published
The Flag on the Moon - A Story of Politics 2019-07-14
The Ark of Commerce Part IV: Make It Stop 2019-07-07
Stop Talking About Momentum: The Race for President 1984 2019-06-09
How to Rank The Presidents, with Susan Swain and Brian Lamb of C-SPAN 2019-05-24
Why is There an Electoral College? 2019-05-16
Sedition, Presidents and the Press 2019-05-01
LBJ and The Creation of Medicare - 50 Years Ago 2019-04-01
Third Parties: The Moped and the Maserati - Why Third Parties Haven't Won in American Politics 2019-03-20
The Myth of "The Founding Fathers Said..This or That!" 2019-03-19
Woodrow Wilson Has No Friends: Wilson, His Politics and His Image Today with Patricia O'Toole 2019-03-18
You Don't Know About Franklin Pierce 2019-02-28
LBJ 's Cell Phone and His Decision to Jump on the Ticket in 1960 2019-02-20
Nixon in Full 2019-02-20
Interview with Sidney Blumenthal - Putting Lincoln in a Political Context, Stephen Douglas, Jefferson Davis, The Whigs and More 2019-02-12
Surprising Facts About Accidental Presidents - Interview w Jared Cohen 2019-02-12
Etiquette and Social Media: Where are Our Manners? Social Etiquette from Ben Franklin to Dale Carnegie to Today, w Jessica Weisberg 2019-02-01
28 Minutes 2019-02-01
Skokie, Neo-Nazis and Free Speech 2019-01-16
Dueling -The Bad Side and The Secret Good Side to a Tragic American Practice - PLUS a Call to Fill Out the MHCBUYP Survey 2019-01-09
Elvis Meets Nixon - The Insider Story 2019-01-07

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