Peer to Peer features two best friends living together in a house in Atlanta, and chronicles stories from their unusual lives. They're two distant friends that met on an old basketball podcast, Agent 00 and Legend of Winning discuss interesting topics from their lives and popular culture. A serious departure from the type of content they regularly post on YouTube, no subject is off-limits for these two.


Title Date published
How do you do your "Netflix and Chill?" 2022-01-14
We Finally tested Jons IQ.... (He Failed Horribly) 2022-01-11
Agent Vs Low The Boxing Match is set 2022-01-08
Jon is back and he's mad at EVERYONE!!! 2022-01-04
We brought a stripper to the podcast...FINALLY 2021-12-31
"Do you miss De'arra Ken....." w/ @Who is Ken 2021-12-28
Tory lanez might be innocent... 2021-12-24
Jake Paul might be the best boxer of our time 2021-12-20
My Family invited me to a S*x party? W/ Big Holla 2021-12-14
How long can LOW last in JAIL!!! 2021-12-10
YK OSIRIS is getting Clowned by EVERY Rapper now and its hilarious! 2021-12-07
LOW almost became a rapper instead of doing youtube... 2021-12-03
Should you start investing in NFT and “Virtual Land” 2021-12-01
Sneako took his girl to a S*x party to test his "OPEN" relationship 2021-11-26
Find your worth before you start DATING!!! 2021-11-23
Cama's Journey From Pro Gamer to Content Creator 2021-11-20
You Don't Need College to Make GOOD Money 2021-11-16
Exposing the truth about Tiktok 2021-11-12
Who should really be responsible for the Travis Scotts concert? 2021-11-10
Women are not held accountable anymore 2021-11-06

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