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Masters, Hunter Biden laptop, Deshaun Watson defense, USC homeless football player, Desantis 60 Minutes of Lies tshirt, Candace Owens show, Spotify deletes 42 Joe Rogan shows from archives 2021-04-09
Masters underway, Deshaun Watson trouble intensifies, Fay Vincent rips Rob Manfred, Mac Jones favored to 49ers, Brooke Baldwin says CNN is sexist, school closure idiocy, NBA vs, CBB ratings, Sean Miller out at AZ, Jemele wins woke off, Tiger crash 2021-04-08
ASG to Denver, Watson accusers go public, Olympic boycott in 2022?, Baylor's big win, Jets trade Darnold, Paul Pierce fired, Fauci confused by Texas, Aaron Rodgers Jeopardy, Newsom opening up Cali by June 15, Michigan mess, little league opening day 2021-04-07
MLB ASG fallout is massive, Gonzaga vs. Baylor, UCLA vs. Zags, Sixty Minutes lies on DeSantis, Rangers full stadium, Rovell vs. Hill for woke crown, Barrie vs. Olbermann, Charles Barkley's genius, Hubert Davis to UNC, 22nd lawsuit vs Watson, Rapaport melt 2021-04-05
MLB moves All Star Game from Atlanta, Kevin Durant racist and homophobic DMs, Bill Self lifetime deal with Kansas, Final Four Gambling Picks 2021-04-02
Deshaun Watson crazy defense, Biden wants ASG moved from ATL, Roy Williams retires, Beard to Texas, ESPN announcer lies, MLB opening day, NYT failure, Facebook v Trump 2021-04-01
Baylor's Kim Mulkey on covid in Final Four, Elite 8 games tonight, NFL expands to 17 games, Nike Satan shoes, Mac Jones and Justin Fields pro days, Bayor and Houston to Final Four 2021-03-30
Deshaun Watson latest, Elite 8 rankings picks, LA sports on fire, who will 49ers take?, Gonzaga on fire, Jimmy G next step, Masters boycott 2021-03-29
49ers move to three to take QB, Jimmy G, Ealges, Dolphins moves? NCAA revenues explains men and women's basketball differences, Shaka Smart to Marquette, MLBPA threatens to move ASG from ATL over Georgia voting bill 2021-03-26
Megan Rapinoe wants equal pay for men and women athletes, Deshaun Watson latest, Biden presser, battle for sports media's wokest, Texas open two weeks now, Murders surge 30%, Cuomo gives special treatment to CNN brother 2021-03-25
Deshaun Watson, Isaiah Wilson hit 140 in high speed chase, US media, ref make up call, shrinking penises, US media more negative on COVID than elsewhere in world, Tyrod Taylor new Texans QB 2021-03-24
Sweet 16 set, who wins NCAA tourney, Deshaun Watson now has 24 accusers, 14 lawsuits, Colorado shooting 2021-03-23
Big Ten collapses, Pac 12 surges, Deshaun Watson mess, Utah trip, woke sportswriters have gone insane, Fuhrman vs. Arkansas, Oregon State chirps at Clay, Loyola of Chicago dominates 2021-03-22
Testifying for House Judiciary Committee, Kentucky, Duke done for season already, Meyers Leonard punishment, Herschel Walker for Georgia senate?, one year anniversary of sports shutdown 2021-03-11
Texas Rangers go to 100% fan capacity for opener of MLB season, Dak contract, NHL to ESPN, Mumford and Sons cancel guitarist for liking book, NFL salary cap set, TikTok loves my first amendment and boobs clip 2021-03-10
Dak contract, NBA ASG ratings tank to all time low, Isaiah Wilson worst draft pick ever, Franchise tags in NFL, Cuomo has a sixth accuser 2021-03-09
Meghan Markle drama, NBA all star game, LeBron hypocrisy, Cuomo watch, camping trip 2021-03-08
Alex Smith released, fans disagree with Disney firing Gina Carano, Les Miles LSU mess, Andrew Cuomo hid nursing home deaths, Arizona lifts covid restrictions on businesses, Big Ben staying with Steelers 2021-03-05
Braves planning for 100% All Star capacity, myocarditis fear porn comes up empty, Dr. Seuss under fire, Baker's UFO, Amazon getting Thursday NFL, Big Ten allowing fans, Montana gov vs Biden, Skip gets $8 million a year 2021-03-04
Drew Brees, Dr. Seuss, Keith Olbermann remains insane, Andrew Cuomo won't retire, Bucks money shot cam, China says being gay is a mental illness, Kentucky extra year of high school, Kentucky Derby plans big crowds 2021-03-03

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