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Title Date published
Kemba Walker Trade Rumors and Mock-Drafting the All-Star Starters | Group Chat (Ep. 194) 2018-01-19
'Sources Say': NBA Fight Club and Celtics Legends Controversy (Ep. 193) 2018-01-17
The (Sort of) Brawl in the Hall and the Broken Cavs (Ep. 192) 2018-01-16
‘Heat Check’: The Jimmy Butler-for-MVP Campaign Starts Here (Ep. 191) 2018-01-15
'Group Chat': Sixers-Celtics, What Ifs, and the Future of the Warriors (Ep. 190) 2018-01-12
The Rule of Three(-Pointers) and Trade-Season Preview (Ep. 189) 2018-01-09
‘Heat Check’: Turbulent Lakers, Triumphant Raptors, and Tampering in L.A. (Ep. 188) 2018-01-08
'Group Chat': Is Cavs-Celtics a Real Rivalry? (Ep. 187) 2018-01-04
‘Sources Say’: The Air-balling of Grievances (Ep. 186) 2018-01-03
The King in the Fourth Joins King James, the Raptors Evolve, and the L.A. Teams Diverge (Ep. 185) 2018-01-02
One Thing for Every Team With Bill Simmons, Part 2 (Ep. 184) 2017-12-27
One Thing for Every Team With Bill Simmons, Part 1 (Ep. 183) 2017-12-27
'Group Chat': The 12 Questions of Christmas With Bill Simmons (Ep. 182) 2017-12-21
Kobe’s Past, Rockets’ Present, and Rookies’ Future (Ep. 181) 2017-12-19
‘Heat Check’: Anyone Can Beat the Thunder, Including the Thunder (Ep. 180) 2017-12-18
Bill Simmons on the NBA Trade Saga With Bill's Dad and Kevin O'Connor (Ep. 179) 2017-12-16
'Group Chat': Houston Is Good, OKC Is Bad, and Hezonja Is Back (Ep. 178) 2017-12-14
Rising Teams in the East, Setting Teams in the West (Ep. 177) 2017-12-12
‘Heat Check’: Jah, Boogie, and the J-Team (Ep. 176) 2017-12-11
The Top 25 NBA Players of the First 25 Games (Ep. 175) 2017-12-08

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