The Ringer NBA team breaks down the latest news, trends, and transactions around the league up to five days a week. MON: 'Real Ones' with Logan Murdock & Raja Bell TUE: 'Group Chat' with Justin Verrier, Rob Mahoney & Jonathan Tjarks WED: 'Ringer NBA University' with Kevin O'Connor, Jonathan Tjarks & J. Kyle Mann (Bi-weekly) THURS: 'Real Ones' with Logan Murdock & Raja Bell FRI: 'The Answer' with Chris Ryan


Title Date published
NBA Birthdays, Griping Wiggins, and Jokic vs. Malone | Sources Say (Ep. 228) 2018-03-14
Spurs in Danger, Lillard Elevates, Unpredictable Playoff Picture, and Prospects on Display | The Ringer NBA Show (Ep. 227) 2018-03-13
The End of the Spurs, Underrated Raptors, Streaking Blazers, and Most Important Players | Heat Check (Ep. 226) 2018-03-12
The Return of Michael Porter Jr., Bridges or Bridges, KBD in the NBA, and the All-Sleepers Team | Draft Class (Ep. 225) 2018-03-09
The Russ-vs.-Harden Debate, and Anthony Davis's Unbelievable Season | Group Chat (Ep. 224) 2018-03-08
Blazing-hot Blazers, the Lakers’ Latest Run, and March Madness Prospects | The Ringer NBA Show (Ep. 223) 2018-03-06
Don’t Worry About the Cavs, LeBron-to-Philly, and Lonzo’s Lakers | Heat Check (Ep. 222) 2018-03-05
The Draft Mailbag, Vol. 1 | Draft Class (Ep. 221) 2018-03-02
Is Houston the Biggest Threat to Golden State's Dynasty? | Group Chat (Ep. 220) 2018-03-01
LeBron-to-Philly Rumors, Plus Locker Room Check-Ins | Sources Say (Ep. 219) 2018-02-28
Tanking Reform, Playoff Sleepers, and Anthony Davis's Brilliance With Bill Simmons | Heat Check (Ep. 218) 2018-02-26
Done With One-and-Dones, Plus Deandre Ayton's potential | Draft Class (Ep. 217) 2018-02-23
What Is Going on With Kawhi Leonard and the Spurs? | Group Chat (Ep. 216) 2018-02-22
Jordan vs. LeBron and Final Stretch Preview | The Ringer NBA Show (Ep. 215) 2018-02-20
All-Star Weekend, Star Rookies, and Future Stars | Heat Check (Ep. 214) 2018-02-19
Learning From 2015, Concerns for Marvin Bagley, and Chau-ing Down on Lonnie Walker | Draft Class (Ep. 213) 2018-02-16
Should We Be Worried About the Warriors? | Group Chat (Ep. 212) 2018-02-15
Inside the Cavs’ Trade Deadline, Drama in D.C., and More NBA Gossip | Sources Say (Ep. 211) 2018-02-14
Red-Hot Utah Jazz, Donovan Mitchell for ROY, and Early Draft Debate | The Ringer NBA Show (Ep. 210) 2018-02-13
Rejuvenated Cavs, New Laker Isaiah Thomas, and a Markelle Fultz Update | Heat Check (Ep. 209) 2018-02-12

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