The Ringer NBA team is providing instant reactions to all the playoff action and news five days a week. SUN: postgame show with Kevin O'Connor and J. Kyle Mann; MON: 'Real Ones' with Logan Murdock & Raja Bell; TUE: 'Group Chat' with Justin Verrier, Rob Mahoney & Wosny Lambre; THURS: 'Real Ones' with Logan Murdock & Raja Bell; FRI: 'The Answer' with Chris Ryan & Seerat Sohi.


Title Date published
Is the NBA No Country for Old Men? | The Answer 2021-03-12
Jameer Nelson on Mental Health, Playing With Dwight Howard, the G League, and More | Real Ones 2021-03-11
Deep Dive on the Charlotte Hornets and Handing Out Mid-Term Grades | Ringer NBA University 2021-03-10
Big Questions for the Second Half of the NBA Season | Group Chat 2021-03-09
All-Star Gripes and Glories, Kevin Garnett’s Rocky Relationship With the Timberwolves, and Blake Griffin Signs With the Nets | Real Ones 2021-03-08
What Have We Learned From the First Half of the NBA Season? | The Answer 2021-03-05
Deron Williams on Jerry Sloan, Getting Traded to the Nets, Team USA, and Much More | Real Ones 2021-03-04
Reacting to the Hawks Coaching Change, and No Power Rankings | Group Chat 2021-03-02
Chris Webber on Why He Never Worked for the Kings Organization, Producing for Nas, and More | Real Ones 2021-03-01
What If Kyrie Was Right (About Coaching)? | The Answer 2021-02-26
David West on Playing With Chris Paul, His Will to Win, His Championships With the Warriors, and More | Real Ones 2021-02-25
The Bulls’ and Timberwolves’ Young Cores and First-Time All-Stars | Ringer NBA University 2021-02-24
All-Star Reserves, Lakers Lose Three Straight, and Porzingis Trade Rumors | Group Chat 2021-02-23
Chris Finch Replaces Ryan Saunders As Timberwolves Head Coach. Plus: Draymond’s Ejection, AD’s Injury, and Buyout Season | Real Ones 2021-02-22
What Does It Mean to Be on a Winning (Or Losing) Streak? | The Answer 2021-02-19
Bomani Jones on NBA Activism, Kevin Durant’s Legacy, and More | Real Ones 2021-02-18
Is Andre Drummond Getting a Raw Deal? And Which Middling Teams Should Buy or Sell | Group Chat 2021-02-16
Should the NBA Mandate That Teams Play the National Anthem Before Games? Plus: The Utah Jazz Continue Their Rampage. | Real Ones 2021-02-15
Why Are We Obsessed With the MVP Award? | The Answer 2021-02-12
Quentin Richardson on Being in the Jordan Family, His Former Beef With Paul Pierce, and More | Real Ones 2021-02-11

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