The Ringer NBA team breaks down the latest news, trends, and transactions around the league four days a week. MON: Logan Murdock & Raja Bell TUE: 'The Mismatch' with Kevin O'Connor & Chris Vernon WED: 'Group Chat' with Justin Verrier, Rob Mahoney & Jonathan Tjarks FRI: 'The Mismatch' with Kevin O'Connor & Chris Vernon


Title Date published
Ep. 40: KD vs. Westbrook 2016-11-03
Ep. 39: 'Sources Say' With Michael D. Ratner 2016-11-02
Ep. 38: Who's Got Staying Power? With Zach Harper 2016-11-01
Ep. 37: One-Game Overreactions With Jonathan Tjarks 2016-10-27
Ep. 36: 'Thirty Things to See' Season Tipoff With Kevin O'Connor 2016-10-25
Ep. 35: The Genesis of PER and the Grizzlies' Untapped Potential With John Hollinger 2016-10-20
Ep. 34: Basketball Analytics and the Revamped Rockets With Daryl Morey 2016-10-18
Ep. 33: NBA Hipster Team Championship Belt and Five Players to Watch With Jason Concepcion 2016-10-13
Ep. 32: Covering Superteams and Positive CBA Talks With Tim Bontemps 2016-10-11
Ep. 31: The Process of Signing Superstars With Sonny Vaccaro 2016-10-06
Ep. 30: Ben Simmons's Injury and Bold Preseason Predictions With Chris Vernon and Kevin O'Connor 2016-10-04
Ep. 29: Fireside NBA Chatter With Bill Simmons and Brad Stevens 2016-09-20
Ep. 28: Olympics Knockout Round With Tate Frazier and Jonathan Tjarks 2016-08-16
Ep. 27: 'Sources Say' With Chris Ryan and Juliet Litman 2016-08-12
Ep. 26: Kobe Stories, TV Shows, Building a Superteam, and More With Roy Hibbert and Tate Frazier 2016-08-03
Ep. 25: Russell Westbrook's Future and the 'Miami Vice' 10-Year Anniversary With Bill Simmons 2016-07-27
Ep. 24: Team USA and U18 NBA Prospects With Tate Frazier and Jonathan Tjarks 2016-07-25
Ep. 23: 'Sources Say' With Juliet Litman and Chris Ryan 2016-07-20
Ep. 22: NBA Free Agency Roundup With Bill Simmons 2016-07-15
Ep. 21: NBA Summer League Special With Tate Frazier and Jonathan Tjarks 2016-07-11

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