In this podcast for fans of presidential campaign history, John Dickerson of Slate’s Political Gabfest revisits a moment from the American quadrennial carnival. Hear about the grand speeches, emergency strategies, baby kissing, and backstabbing that make each presidential election cycle so fascinating. Part of the Panoply Network.


Title Date published
Riding the Oratory Train 2017-08-10
Loyalty Tests and The Bridge of Death 2017-07-26
Foreign Collusion and the Dragon Lady 2017-07-12
Lady Lincoln and the Leak 2017-06-28
A Powerful Pardon 2017-06-14
Oliver North Master Crafter of the Political Lie 2017-06-01
Recording from the Oval 2017-05-17
A Recipe for a Presidential Speech 2017-04-19
The Fire of Agnew 2017-04-05
The Bricker Amendment and Stories of Migratory Birds 2017-03-22
The 104-Year-Old Mistake 2017-03-08
Steely Executive Orders from Presidents Truman and Trump 2017-02-22
When a Supreme Court Justice Leaves a Seat Earlier than Expected, June 13, 1968, 2017-02-07
The Entanglements of the Mega Rich: Vice President Nelson Aldrich Rockefeller 2017-01-25
The Inauguration of the People's President 2017-01-11
Harry S. Truman's Battles with the Bosses 2016-12-14
Whistlestop: The Presidential Greatness Edition 2016-11-30
October Surprise, the 1964 Edition 2016-11-02
Debategate 2016-10-19
The Candor of Betty Ford 2016-10-05

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