Topical, controversial, and (hopefully) entertaining conversation about miniature war games, board games, and other topics near and dear to gamers' hearts. Our wide variety of topics include table top war games, board games, miniature games, Fantasy Flight Games (Starcraft, Descent, Twilight Imperium, etc.), Games Workshop (Warhammer, 40k), Privateer Press (Warmachine Hordes, Monsterpocalypse), Days of Wonder, Rio Grande Games, Video Games, MMORPGS (World of Warcraft, Warhammer Online), and much more.


Title Date published
D6G Pip 180: 2024 Predictions Episode with 2023 Results 2024-01-28
D6G Pip 179: D&D Live Play S15: Khassan: Freedom! 2024-01-21
D6G Pip 178: D&D Live Play S14: Khassan: Gladiators, Who do you fight for? 2024-01-07
D6G Pip 177: Mark Barber, Corvus Belli & Writing Process 2023-12-24
D6G Pip 176: D&D Live Play S13: Khassan: Back Room Deals 2023-12-17
D6G Pip 175: D&D Live Play S12: Khassan: Coaches, Auctions, & Masks 2023-11-26
D6G Pip 174: D&D Live Play S11: Tangling with Tigers 2023-11-05
D6G Pip 173: D&D Live Play S10: Manticore Showdown 2023-10-22
D6G Pip 172: Raef Rant - Hawkeye vs Dignam 2023-10-08
D6G Pip 171: D&D Live Play S9: Manticore Madness 2023-09-17
D6G Pip 170: Baldur's Gate 3 Early Thoughts 2023-09-10
D6G Pip 169: D&D Live Play S8: I'm not your mummy 2023-09-04
D6G Pip 168: Star Wars Shatterpoint Initial Thoughts 2023-08-21
D6G Pip 167: D&D Live Play: Sands of Khassan Session 7 2023-08-14
D6G Pip 166: Warmachine Update w/ Conclusion of Black Tide 1 2023-08-06
D6G Pip 165: D&D Live - Sands of Khassan Session 6: Cal Bears Out 2023-07-31
D6G Pip 164: Khadorian Katch-Up 2023-07-24
D6G Pip 163: D&D Live - Sands of Khassan Session 5: Ravens, Medallions, & Bears 2023-07-10
D6G Pip 162: D&D Live - Sands of Khassan Session 4 - Wererats & Water Elementals 2023-07-02
D6G Pip 161: BaltiCon 2023 thoughts & Part 2: Author Interviews 2023-06-25

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