A regular podcast telling the story of England with warmth and wit and enthusiasm. The story of the great names and the events that made England the mosaic it is today; the daily lives of the people who made it so. We take a chronological approach, from the cataclysmic end of Roman Britain, all the way through to the present day – when we get there! Along the way we follow the major highways of history, and some of the side roads too – what it was like to live in the Middle Ages, why the difference between Ale and Beer affected people’s lives, how the English language developed and loads more! Plus there’s a handy website www.thehistoryofengland.co.uk – with biographies, maps (must have maps), articles and, well, just bags of stuff.


Title Date published
259 The Time of Camps 2018-10-14
258 Protector Somerset 2018-10-07
American Scandal Preview 2018-09-27
257a Elizabeth on the History in Technicolor podcast 2018-09-23
257 His Blood Crieth out against Thee 2018-09-16
256 The Boy King 2018-09-09
255 Europe XI The Spanish Century 2018-09-02
American Innovations Preview 2018-08-31
254 Europe X Chaos and Threat 2018-08-19
253 Europe IX Confessionalism Unleashed 2018-08-12
Shedcasters’ Songs, Tudor Medicine And Charity Appeal 2018-08-07
Roman Bath Museum Worship 2018-08-05
The History of the Vikings by Noah Tetzner 2018-07-29
252 Henry VIII - Judgement Day 2018-07-22
Introducing History in Technicolour 2018-07-15
Roman Bath Museum Day to Day 2018-07-08
251 The End of Days 2018-06-24
Roman Bath Museum Discovery 2018-06-10
250 Catherine and Anne 2018-06-03
249 Knaves I Cannot Rule 2018-05-27

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