Join Chris Clayton (Goreboy Radio) and Tom Elliot (The Gentlemen’s Grindhouse, The Twilight Zone Podcast) as they explore the strange and deadly world of horror and cult cinema, focusing specifically on the section 3 films related to the video nasties scare.


Title Date published
A Tribute to Joe Pilato 2019-03-25
Terror – Superstition 2018-10-25
Strange and Deadly’s Television Terror 2018-05-12
Prey – Inseminoid 2018-01-23
The Child – Phantasm 2017-10-31
A Strange and Deadly Tribute to George Romero 2017-07-22
A Strange and Deadly Update 2017-07-16
Night of the Living Dead – Dawn of the Dead 2017-03-12
A Strange and Deadly Christmas 2016-12-24
Special: Ian McCulloch Interview 2016-11-02
Nightmare City – Zombi Holocaust 2016-09-18
Dawn of the Mummy – Werewolf Woman 2016-08-30
Suicide Cult (The Astrologer) – Enter The Devil 2016-08-03
Eaten Alive – Savage Terror 2016-07-16
Massacre Mansion – Tomb of the Living Dead 2016-07-03
Scream For Vengeance – Wrong Way 2016-04-08
Death Weekend – Demented 2016-03-18
The Blue Eyes of the Broken Doll – Headless Eyes 2016-03-03
The Last Horror Film – The Love Butcher 2015-12-27
The Mad Foxes – Street Killer (Mad Dog Killer) 2015-12-09

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