A NEW new time podcast in the style of OLD old-time radio, the Thrilling Adventure Hour Treasury marks the triumphant return of Sparks Nevada, Beyond Belief, and all your favorite Thrilling personas to podcast airwaves. Plus brand new Thrilling tales, new guest stars, new writers, and a bold new sound. The Thrilling Adventure Hour Treasury is recorded at Forever Dog studios in Los Angeles and produced/engineered by the Forever Dog Podcast Network. Created by Ben Acker and Ben Blacker. Featuring the WorkJuice Players and your favorite stars from the worlds of television, film, comedy, animation, sketch, and the stage. The original Thrilling Adventure Hour was performed live monthly at M Bar and Largo at the Coronet in Hollywood from March 2005 to April 2015. You'll find several of those original episodes here and you can find the Complete Thrilling Adventure back catalog (plus segment libraries, bonus content, and more) on Patreon at: https://www.patreon.com/thrillingadventurehour


Title Date published
FROM THE VAULT Beyond Belief, "Straight on Til Mourning" (SF Sketchfest 2016) 2019-06-15
Introducing Life is Short with Justin Long 2019-06-03
TREASURY CH6 FROM THE VAULT "I'm... From Earth" 2019-04-29
FROM THE VAULT Sparks Nevada, Marshal on Mars - "Cosmic Rotation" (M Bar, October, 7 2007) 2019-04-15
TREASURY CH5 "This Cockamamie Future" 2019-04-01
FROM THE VAULT Beyond Belief - "Long Island of Lost Souls" (M Bar, March 3 2007) 2019-03-25
TREASURY CH4 "Say Goodbye to Yourself" 2019-02-26
FROM THE VAULT Down in Moonshine Holler - "No Assembly Line Required" (M Bar, Feb 2007) 2019-02-11
FROM THE VAULT Sparks Nevada, Marshal on Mars - "Men on the Moon" (M Bar, Feb 2007) 2019-01-28
THE BEST OF FOREVER DOG 2018 2018-12-28
TREASURY CH3 "It's Christmas Apparently!" 2018-12-17
FROM THE VAULT Sparks Nevada, Marshal on Mars - "The Piano Has Been Thinking" (M Bar 2007) 2018-12-10
TREASURY CH2 "We Have Had Some Rain Lately and Other Stories" 2018-11-26
FROM THE VAULT "The Boat Show" (LA PodFest 2015) 2018-11-12
TREASURY CH1 "Unslakable Ambition" 2018-10-29
TAH Returns! A Word from Acker & Blacker 2018-10-01
Sparks Nevada, Marshal on Mars - "Order in the Courtship" 2016-07-11
Beyond Belief - "Dead & Breakfast" 2016-06-13
TAH Post-Show #1 - Acker & Blacker 2015-08-18
A Word from the King of Coffee and the TAH Panel from C2E2 2015-07-27

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