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Title Date published
#509: Good Shame; Bad Shame 2019-05-20
#508: Break Out of Your Cage and Stop Being a Human Zoo Animal 2019-05-15
#507: How to Increase Your Personal Agency 2019-05-13
#506: How to Improve Your Speaking Voice 2019-05-08
#505: A Man's Need for Ritual 2019-05-06
#504: How an Olympic Marathoner Trains, Eats, Recovers, and Stays Mentally Strong 2019-05-01
#503: The Case for the 24/6 Lifestyle 2019-04-29
#502: Why You Should Talk to Strangers 2019-04-24
#501: Zero to Hero: From Bullied Kid to Medal of Honor Recipient 2019-04-22
#500: Let's Talk About Death Over Dinner 2019-04-17
#499: A Fascinating Primer on Norse Mythology 2019-04-15
#498: Lessons in Persistence From Climber Tommy Caldwell 2019-04-10
#497: The Meaning, Manifestations, and Treatments for Anxiety 2019-04-08
#496: What Plato's Republic Has to Say About Being a Man 2019-04-03
#495: Wish You Had More Time? What You Really Want is More Memories 2019-04-01
#494: The Inspiring Story of One of WWII's Greatest Tank Gunners 2019-03-27
#493: 1,000 Books to Read Before You Die 2019-03-25
#492: How to Survive a Secret Syrian Terrorist Prison 2019-03-20
#491: Everything You Know About Passion is Wrong 2019-03-18
#490: Can You Learn to Be Lucky? 2019-03-13

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