<p>Featuring all of the regular Barstool personalities, KFC Radio is the quintessential bar conversation brought to podcast form. Listener interaction is the name of the game as Barstool readers and listeners contribute their Stoolie Voicemails to drive the conversation to strange places including embarrassing personal stories, bizarre hypothetical questions, and more. New episodes of the hilarious Barstool Network flagship show are released every Friday. Every Tuesday and Thursday.</p>


Title Date published
Apple Picking, PowerPoint Sex Lists, and David Wright's Last Stand 2018-10-02
Quickie: Carter V Review, Lil Wayne vs Kanye 2018-09-28
Chicks In The Office, Porn Blockers, Live In A Restaurant, and Jeans vs Pajamas 2018-09-27
WATCHLIST: Maniac, The First, Manifest, A Million Little Things, and more 2018-09-26
KFCradio: Friday Weddings, Pirate Parties, and Irish Goodbye Your Life 2018-09-25
Quickie: Finsta (with Ellie Schnitt) 2018-09-24
Quickie: What's Beef? 2018-09-21
KFCradio: Harley Morenstein, Mickstape, Dolphin Girl, and the Psychic Conspiracy 2018-09-20
WATCHLIST: Ben Bailey, Moder Family Death Pool, Trebek vs Sajak, and Emmys Recap 2018-09-19
KFCradio: Neal Brennan, Josh Gordon News Breaks, and Best Characters for The Purge 2018-09-18
Quickie: I Finally Have A Girlfriend, by Francis 2018-09-17
Quickie: The L Word 2018-09-14
KFCradio: Ronny Chieng, Moving On Molly, and How Much To Quit The Internet 2018-09-13
WATCHLIST: Barstool Emmys, Always Sunny Review, #PitchMe, Vinny & The Situation 2018-09-12
KFCradio: Jeff Foxworthy, Dad Lines, and Customized Deep Fakes 2018-09-11
Quickie: 2 Virgins, 1 Night 2018-09-10
Quickie: Smooth Keith, the barstool Upfronts, and Change The Past or Change The Future 2018-09-07
KFCradio: Chad Ochocinco, Uncle Luke, and Dinosaurs vs People 2018-09-06
WATCHLIST: Always Sunny Returns, Ozark is Too Dark, The Purge, Manifest, Jack Ryan and Mayans 2018-09-05
Quickie: Iconic Movie Lines 2018-09-04

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