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Title Date published
Podcast 8.24: Satanic Imagery And Conspiracies In Modern Culture 2018-12-17
Podcast 8.22: Milton’s Traditional Satan in Paradise Lost (1600s) 2018-12-17
Podcast 8.21: The Devil and Internal Struggles of the Reformation Period (1500s) 2018-12-17
Podcast 8.20: Witchcraft Accusations and Pacts with the Devil (1400-1600) 2018-12-17
Podcast 8.19: Satan and Demons in Everyday Life in the Middle Ages 2018-12-17
Podcast 8.18: Satan’s Home, part 5 – Medieval Depictions and Dante’s Inferno 2018-12-17
Podcast 8.17: Satan’s Home, part 4 – Tortures in Hell and Christ’s Descent 2018-12-17
Podcast 8.16: Satan’s Home, part 3 – Developments among Early Jesus Followers 2018-12-17
Podcast 8.15: Satan’s Home, part 2 – The Birth of Judean Hell in 1 Enoch 2018-12-17
Podcast 8.14: Satan’s Home, part 1 – Cultural Origins Of Hell 2018-12-17
Podcast 8.13: Satan as Father of Lies and Heresy in the Church Fathers (2nd-4th centuries CE) 2018-12-17
Podcast 8.12: Satan’s Demons and the Greco-Roman Gods in the Church Fathers (2nd-3rd centuries CE) 2018-12-17
Podcast 8.11: The Jealous Creator and the Serpent of Wisdom in Gnosticism (2nd century CE) 2018-12-17
Podcast 8.10: Jealous Satan, the Image of God, and the Serpent in the Life of Adam and Eve 2018-12-17
Podcast 8.9: A Satanic Empire in John’s Apocalypse (ca. 80-100 CE) 2018-12-17
Podcast 8.8: Internal Functions of the Rhetoric of Satan in Paul and John (ca. 50-110 CE) 2018-12-17
Podcast 8.7: The Devil and Beelzebub in Early Biographies of Jesus (70-100 CE) 2018-12-17
Podcast 8.6: Mastema in Jubilees and Beliar in the Dead Sea Scrolls (ca. 100 BCE) 2018-12-17
Podcast 8.5: Fallen Angels in 1 Enoch (ca. 225 BCE) 2018-12-17
Podcast 8.4: Other Predecessors of Satan from the Hebrew Bible 2018-12-17

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