<p>Discover the hidden side of everything with Stephen J. Dubner, co-author of the&nbsp;<em>Freakonomics</em>&nbsp;books. Each week,&nbsp;<em>Freakonomics Radio</em>&nbsp;tells you things you always thought you knew (but didn’t) and things you never thought you wanted to know (but do) —&nbsp;from the economics of sleep to how to become great at just about anything. Dubner speaks with Nobel laureates and provocateurs, intellectuals and entrepreneurs, and various other underachievers. Special features include series like “The Secret Life of a C.E.O.” as well as a live game show, “Tell Me Something I Don’t Know.”&nbsp;</p>


Title Date published
How to Optimize Your Apology (Ep. 353) 2018-10-11
Can This Man Stop a Trade War? (Ep. 352) 2018-10-04
Extra: Shawn Johnson Full Interview 2018-10-01
Here’s Why You’re Not an Elite Athlete (Ep. 351) 2018-09-27
Extra: Full Interviews With Jimmy Garoppolo, Joe Staley, Mike McGlinchey, and Kyle Juszczyk 2018-09-23
How to Stop Being a Loser (Ep. 350) 2018-09-20
How Sports Became Us (Ep. 349) 2018-09-13
Is the Government More Entrepreneurial Than You Think? (Ep. 348) 2018-09-06
Why You Shouldn’t Open a Restaurant (Ep. 347) 2018-08-30
Two (Totally Opposite) Ways to Save the Planet (Ep. 346) 2018-08-23
How to Be Happy (Ep. 345) 2018-08-16
Who Decides How Much a Life Is Worth? (Ep. 344) 2018-08-09
Pick of the Week: Trevor Noah Has a Lot to Say (Ep. 272) 2018-08-08
Pick of the Week: Failure Is Your Friend (Ep. 169) 2018-08-08
Where to Find Every Episode of Freakonomics Radio 2018-08-08

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