Freakonomics co-author Stephen J. Dubner uncovers the hidden side of everything. Why is it safer to fly in an airplane than drive a car? How do we decide whom to marry? Why is the media so full of bad news? Also: things you never knew you wanted to know about wolves, bananas, pollution, search engines, and the quirks of human behavior. Join the Freakonomics Radio Plus membership program for weekly member-only episodes of Freakonomics Radio. You’ll also get every show in our network without ads. To sign up, visit our show page on Apple Podcasts or go to


Title Date published
403. The Opioid Tragedy, Part 2: “It’s Not a Death Sentence” 2020-01-23
402. The Opioid Tragedy, Part 1: “We’ve Addicted an Entire Generation” 2020-01-16
5 Psychology Terms You’re Probably Misusing (Rebroadcast) 2020-01-09
The Zero-Minute Workout (Rebroadcast) 2020-01-02
401. How Many Prince Charleses Can There Be in One Room? 2019-12-26
Why Is This Man Running for President? (Update) 2019-12-19
400. How to Hate Taxes a Little Bit Less 2019-12-12
399. Honey, I Grew the Economy 2019-12-05
How to Change Your Mind (Rebroadcast) 2019-11-28
398. The Truth About the Vaping Crisis 2019-11-21
397. How to Save $32 Million in One Hour 2019-11-14
396. Why Does Tipping Still Exist? 2019-11-07
395. Speak Softly and Carry Big Data 2019-10-31
394. Does Hollywood Still Have a Princess Problem? 2019-10-24
393. Can Britain Get Its “Great” Back? 2019-10-17
392. The Prime Minister Who Cried Brexit 2019-10-10
391. America’s Math Curriculum Doesn’t Add Up 2019-10-03
390. Fed Up 2019-09-26
389. How to Make Meetings Less Terrible 2019-09-19
Yes, the Open Office Is Terrible — But It Doesn’t Have to Be (Rebroadcast) 2019-09-12

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