Freakonomics co-author Stephen J. Dubner uncovers the hidden side of everything. Why is it safer to fly in an airplane than drive a car? How do we decide whom to marry? Why is the media so full of bad news? Also: things you never knew you wanted to know about wolves, bananas, pollution, search engines, and the quirks of human behavior. Join the Freakonomics Radio Plus membership program for weekly member-only episodes of Freakonomics Radio. You’ll also get every show in our network without ads. To sign up, visit our show page on Apple Podcasts or go to


Title Date published
262. This Is Your Brain on Podcasts 2016-10-13
How To Win A Nobel Prize (Rebroadcast) 2016-10-06
261. Why Are We Still Using Cash? 2016-09-29
260. Has the U.S. Presidency Become a Dictatorship? 2016-09-22
259. Ten Signs You Might Be a Libertarian 2016-09-15
258. Why Uber Is an Economist’s Dream 2016-09-08
257. The Future (Probably) Isn’t as Scary as You Think 2016-09-01
Are You Ready for a Glorious Sunset? (Rebroadcast) 2016-08-25
Aziz Ansari Needs Another Toothbrush (Rebroadcast) 2016-08-18
256. What Are You Waiting For? 2016-08-11
Is It Okay for Restaurants to Racially Profile Their Employees? (Rebroadcast) 2016-08-04
255. Ten Ideas to Make Politics Less Rotten 2016-07-28
254. What Are Gender Barriers Made Of? 2016-07-21
253. Is the Internet Being Ruined? 2016-07-14
252. Confessions of a Pothole Politician 2016-07-07
The Suicide Paradox (Rebroadcast ) 2016-06-30
How Much Does the President Really Matter? (Rebroadcast) 2016-06-23
Why Do We Really Follow the News? (Rebroadcast) 2016-06-16
251. Are We in a Mattress-Store Bubble? 2016-06-09
Time to Take Back the Toilet 2016-06-09

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