Every week, Nick Bilton interviews the leading minds in tech, politics, and culture to find out what motivates them, how they make decisions, what keeps them up at night, where their ideas come from, who they look to for advice, and where they think their industry is going. Bilton brings you into the room where the world's most interesting and important decisions are made.


Title Date published
Was Jeffrey Epstein Murdered? 2019-08-16
Is Your Phone Trying to Kill You? 2019-08-09
#MoscowMitch and the Republican Plan to Steal 2020 2019-08-02
Epstein, Mueller, and the Secret of Human Life 2019-07-26
Wall Street Braces for Trump’s Economic Colonic 2019-07-19
QAnon, UFOs, and America’s Craziest Conspiracy Theories 2019-07-12
Bill Nye the Science Guy on Aliens, the Universe, and Trump 2019-07-05
Why Kumail Nanjiani Is Sick of Big Tech 2019-06-28
Can Fox News Keep Trump in the White House? 2019-06-21
Wait, Elizabeth Holmes Got Married?! 2019-06-14
Is YouTube Secretly the Worst Company in America? 2019-06-07
Scott Galloway on the Algebra of Happiness 2019-05-31
Will a New Cold War Break the Internet? 2019-05-24
Did Texas Execute an Innocent Man? 2019-05-17
Why is America So Violent? 2019-05-10
Is America Too Bigoted for Pete Buttigieg? 2019-05-03
The “Homeless Billionaire” Predicts Humanity Is Toast 2019-04-26
The Mueller Bombshell Hiding in Plain Sight 2019-04-19
Will Silicon Valley Wipe Out Hollywood? 2019-04-12
How Fox News and Trump Are Melting Our Brains 2019-04-05

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